On December 4th, I published a collaborative novella that I’d done with my friend Mason on Feedbooks.com under a Creative Commons license. I had no expectations about readership: I thought it’d be really cool if we got a hundred downloads by the end of the year.

We got that in two days, and currently have 1392 downloads. It’s very neat, to have that many people have read my – well, our, but this blog is all about me, so the pronoun stands – writing, and it’s a fantastic impetus to write more.
Earlier this week, the Victoria Writers’ Society had its Annual General Meeting, and managed to elect most of a new executive: I’m still in charge of the website, our wonderful treasurer Laura is still in charge of all the money, and Edeana is still managing all of our critique groups and the summer writing contest. The presidency is sadly vacant, though, leading to lists of candidates for us to approach.
Our new executive is a different landscape and tone than the last one, and will prove interesting to work with. The writing community in Victoria is a huge part of how I approach writing, and takes up a large portion of the time I can allot to writing. It’s fun, and an adventure.

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