I’ve taken down my non-fiction book on epublishing from Smashwords.

It wasn’t an easy decision: I’m proud of what went into it, and it was a decent introduction.

But the verb tense is important, there, as are the incredible shifts epublishing has undergone since February 2011, when I put it out. One of the websites I recommended, a fledgling then, has now become a haven for episodic teen fiction. It is the Pandemonium of werewolf love triangles and poorly-edited tragic orphans. It is not something I highly recommend anymore.

Blogging has changed somewhat, and Twitter is now a place where groups discuss writing and publishing.

Navigating the Ebook Jungle is still something I want to revisit and update. I want to have that basic primer and list of resources available for anyone just getting into self-publishing, because it’s a big wide world full of conflicting opinions and at the very least summaries of approaches and links to more detailed sources are valuable for anyone just starting out.

It’s not something I can do right now, though, and I feel better about pulling it than I do about leaving up information that I don’t consider as up-to-date and thorough as it could, and should, be.

In the meantime, if you have a question, shoot me an email. I’ll probably at least have a link to recommend.

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