You may have noticed the lack of fiction updates the past couple of weeks. Their lack is partly because doing any more of them will involve either more trawling through my ancient archives or writing new flash fiction. Writing new flash fiction is currently on hold because I’m nearing the end of a project I’ve been working on since roughly the spring of 2010, and am really excited to finish.

It’s also because I’m moving. In two weeks time I’ll be on a bus headed from Seattle to Minneapolis as the middle and longest leg of my trip from Victoria to Madison. I’m moving for a multitude of reasons, and aside from my own abhorrence of moving and lack of car, it’s been a fairly straightforward process: I’m still going to be doing webwork for the same bike store I work in now. The only thing that will change is no customers and I can work in my pajamas. I am going from living with my mom, where I’ve been staying since the end of my lease, to living with my best friend who is already doing things like unpacking the boxes I’ve mailed and crocheting me my very own blanket. My EMR license is viable for reciprocity, so I don’t need to take classes again, just do NREMT exams and local jurisprudence, all of which I can set up there.

Regular Wednesday blog posts will continue for the duration, as I have them scheduled pretty well in advance, so the only difference should be the lack of fiction posts. 

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