Today’s learning items were mostly videos, which I have a hard time engaging with, so I read the one reading, a short article defining anti-racism. Anti-racism is definitely what we need, though I have some inchoate thoughts about it as an opposite of diversity, and how they’re not necessarily speaking to the same point. But everything is context, and there are so many different contexts in North America that a lot of things fall apart.

But anti-racism is a good place to start. I want to be anti-racist. I have some hesitation, though, about claiming the term, because I see it as involving being more active than I am in working against racism. I can review language in internal documents to try to make sure it’s free of bias, but that’s not the same as ever attending one of the BLM protests that have gone on during the pandemic. But I didn’t attend them because two of the people in my house are asthmatic, and any kind of large gathering of people with no idea of how well social distancing will be maintained has been completely out. So I guess I’ll say I hold anti-racist ideas, ideals, and political positions, but I am not active enough in putting that into action to be an anti-racist. I guess after my bills are paid this month I’ll be donating money to . . . well, my go-tos are the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, but since I’m trying to have more local impact I hit up Charity Navigator. Since POC in Delaware are disproportionately economically disadvantaged and they have a 4 star rating, I guess I’ll be donating to the Food Bank of Delaware.

Today’s action item was to sign up for sessions on how to be antiracist, to be held in October. Which I didn’t, because apparently by the time I got to the link, they were all full. Which is actually pretty cool.

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